Getting off-balance

I like ice cream. Actually, I LOVE ice cream. It’s obviously not the healthiest food out there (not even close), but there’s something about summertime that really kicks my sweet tooth into high gear. Indulgences are a part of a healthy diet in moderation, but what happens when one treat turns into two, and two into….four?

Confession: I had some form of ice cream four times in the past week(!) The world is not ending. I repeat, the world is NOT ending. I’m not going to suddenly gain 15 pounds and I’m not going to go on a fast to punish myself for it either. However, while I enjoyed every last bite of my “Salted Crack Caramel” ice cream and my peanut butter frozen yogurt this week, I realized just how quick my body responds to the kind of food I choose to put into it.

In the hours following my sweets I felt bloated and sluggish. The following day I felt unusually tired, still bloated and just “off”. During the next few days my cravings were through the roof!! Which is probably why I caved and just had more ice cream, digging myself even deeper into a sugar coma.


I’m not going to stop eating ice cream–I love it too much! Though, I will practice better self-control…or at least try my best to. It was kind of remarkable how fast my body was able to identify and react to junky food. I eat relatively clean most of the time (I would guess about 70/30), and I believe that the more consistently you put nourishing foods into your body, the quicker it will be to dismiss less-wholesome foods.

It’s been a few days since my string of ice cream runs, and I’m still trying to regain control of my cravings and self control. It makes me feel a little better knowing that I’m in the same boat as a lot of people (science says we’re programmed to crave sugar)!

I have found a kick-ass alternative, though! Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit in Union Square is seriously amazing. All it is is frozen fruit, water and a little organic cane sugar. Definitely takes the edge off when I’m dying for a frozen dessert. That peanut butter drizzle is no joke. Also, I will definitely be toying with the idea of “nice cream” (a.k.a. banana ice cream) in my upcoming posts as another healthy, at-home alternative.

How have you been able to manage your sweet cravings? What’s your go-to healthy sweet treat? Let me know in the comments below!






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